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Rip off Britain!

If you have come here to check out AUSTMANS because someone on the internet is claiming their puppies are from our lines. Here’s an example

of a FULL AND GENUINE AUSTMANS PUPPY (not available as we have people waiting for our pups before they are born). He would however have cost you a LOT LESS than the puppies you are currently looking at! Yes that’s right, these people are in effect trying to sell you a fake/partial Austmans for more than a genuine Austmans would cost you! You would never fall for that in the world of fashion!

More seriously than the money there are some points I wish people to consider. Why are these puppies not KC Registered when the sire/dam were? Because as a puppy the sire/dam was sold under contract with a breeding restriction. For someone to then breed from that dog tells you that they have not contacted the breeder for the restriction to be lifted. Why? Because their dog has not had the health testing done that would mean the KC registered breeder would lift the restriction. OR worse still, the dog was sold as a pet because it had a health issue, for example it was uni deaf (I believe currently there is a uni deaf cattle dog being put out to stud!).

I am happy to talk to anyone about the breed, we are happy to have visitors to meet the dogs, another shock revelation, even when we don’t have any puppies for sale! (We don’t disappear as soon as we appeared once our pups are sold!). Why? Because that is the starting point of finding a good responsible breeder. It is also the starting point of finding good responsible owners for my puppies. I plan ahead, if I didn’t have homes for puppies before I do a mating I would not do the mating! This breed is not a breed to be bought on a whim. I do my best to make sure you don’t do that. I am not some ‘up my own arse’ snob of a breeder, far from it, I am a very down to earth Yorkshire lass who is happy to open her home to those sensible enough to see the huge benefits in all what I have done over the last 30 years to be able to produce you a quality healthy sound puppy, with pride & with love.

So if you got to the end of this and think you’d like more advice on how not to get ripped off by people on internet pet sales websites feel free to drop me an email


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